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Premium Outdoor Lightings Services

Land Light Pros is partnered with the top lighting systems on the market today. You can choose to illuminate your walkways with brilliant yet white light or light your exterior with many color options. Every option will come with the power to control your lights right from your smartphone or tablet. Meet Haven! They are our preferred choice in outdoor lighting technology! You will not find anything on the market that compares! The user-friendly app allows for full calendar control. Simply program and leave it year to year or play with it on the fly. The choice is yours! Christmas, July 4th, St. Patrick’s Day and more can all program and stay! Use the app to schedule orange and purple lighting on October 31st, and your trick-or-treaters will never be disappointed. You are in the control seat now to take charge and wow the crowd! Call us now at (615) 420-5403 to make an appointment for landscape lighting in Nashville, TN!

A Colorful New Look with Landscape Lighting

Color LED lighting is becoming more popular in applications all around the world. With these color systems, you’re in the driver’s seat every step of the way to change lighting designs and distinguish how each part of your home looks, feels, and plays off your surroundings. With a full pallet of color and dimming options, you will be able to get it just right. Talk to one of our professionals today and step up your holiday lighting this year! 

Landscape Lighting Made Easy

The term automation is becoming almost a household norm in today’s world. So why stop with the in and start looking at the out. Our preferred haven control center is made to work simply and smoothly for homeowners wanting landscape lighting in Nashville, TN. Need multiple boxes for different areas? No problem, you will still control everything from the same convenient app.

Haven App


Our Unique Features

Don’t settle for basic lighting, when Land Light Pros can do so much more. Our landscape lighting products offer:

A Variety of Color Options
Our lighting offers a broad range of color options in addition to our Classic White LED lighting. Our hand-selected radiant hues will add a festive touch to your home any day of the year.

Full Brightness and Temperature Control
Control the color and brightness of your light to best suit your home. Whether you want a bright white to illuminate walkways or a softer shade to highlight your home’s architecture, you can make the change with the touch of a button.

Durable Brass or Aluminum Finishing
Our fixtures not only look great, but they are also durable, too. Whether it’s rain, snow, or sunshine, you can count on our landscape lighting to stand up to the elements.

Smart Phone App
Our user-friendly app allows you to control your lights from anywhere! You can also schedule your lights to change colors for holidays, game days, or any special occasion. No need for last-minute stress, set it in advance and forget it! We’ve got you covered.

Simple Home Automation
With our lighting systems, there are no confusing timers or unreliable light sensors. Use the app to simply schedule your lights to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, and it will happen every day.

A Home With Lighting

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