Poolside Lighting

poolside lighting

Make Evenings at the Pool More Fun

Land Light Pros delivers premium poolside lighting services at affordable prices. If you’re interested in poolside lighting installation or you need lighting repairs in Nashville, TN, we can get a team to you quickly with the best in technology and design. With high-quality outdoor lighting around your pool, you’ll have more fun swimming in the evenings. It’s also a lot safer around the pool area. You’ll notice wet areas and where things are a lot easier. We have a team of experienced technicians ready to talk to you about what you need. They’ll design custom plans specific to your pool and your property that work in your budget and schedule. Schedule an appointment for poolside lighting in Nashville, TN by calling (615) 420-5403 today!

Custom Poolside Lighting Services

Highlight your pool and your yard the way you’ve always wanted to. With beautiful lighting solutions from Land Light Pros, you’ll be spending more time at the pool and having more fun with friends and family. As the leading outdoor lighting provider in Nashville, TN, we have a variety of lights to fit your pool area that will look great and last for years.

We can install lights in steps to help prevent falls and can install accent lights around your pool to highlight plants, diving boards, or anything else special in the area. If you’ve got a covered deck next to the pool, we can create a unique lighting experience that will make you want to be out there every day.

Spend more time relaxing in the yard or in your pool with high-grade LED lights that change color at the touch of a button and shine brightly no matter what the weather conditions are. Make it easier for your family or guests to navigate the pool area with clear lighting that helps them see better at night.

Call Us Today

When you call Land Light Pros, we’ll send out a technician to look at your pool area and talk to you about what you’re looking for with your lighting. Then, we’ll design a custom lighting plan and handle installation and service from end to end. We want you to love how your pool looks and won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied with how things look. Call (615) 420-5403 now to hear more about our poolside lighting services in Nashville, TN and schedule an appointment with one of our technicians! We’re here to answer any of your questions.