Outdoor Audio / Sound Installation

outdoor audio installation

Upgrade Your Outdoor Sound System

Whether you have an outdoor sound system already installed or you’re looking for the right system for your home or business, Land Light Pros has what you need. We offer the best in quality and price for homes and commercial property outdoor audio installation in Nashville, TN. We can transform your space and inject life into your pool, patio, outdoor dining area, or any other outdoor space with a fully customizable outdoor sound system. Our team uses the best and latest in audio technology that you’ll love for years. Call us now at (615) 420-5403 to hear more and to schedule the next available appointment!

High-Quality Outdoor Audio Installation

Outdoor entertaining is an ever-growing world in both needs from the homeowner to changes in technology in today’s market. Land Light Pros is committed to offering only top-notch products for your audio needs in Nashville, TN, with our preferred vendor TruAudio. We know there are a lot of options out there for your audio needs and it’s our job to take the questions out of your decision. Let us walk you through the right way to set up your system to ensure you are getting the highest level of quality in both sound and service while still keeping your surroundings in mind. Our experienced audio technicians know how things like pools, landscaping, and decks affect how sounds travel through your property. They can work around whatever you’ve got and deliver a pleasurable listening experience from every possible vantage point.

We know the game of worrying about your neighbors and the level of sound in your yard. We are here to ease your mind and make sure those relationships won’t sour when you go to “turn up the dial”.¬†Your system will be fully controllable so you can adjust volume based on what time it is and who is around. You can listen to some relaxing tunes after a long day of work and really let loose on the weekends when it’s time for some fun. Our premium outdoor audio installation solutions are perfect for every occasion.

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All our systems will come with direct native app streaming capabilities so that along with our lighting you can control your backyard with the touch of a button via your tablet or phone. Talk to us today about creating the right “tone” for your backyard with an outdoor audio installation in Nashville, TN! Call (615) 420-5403 now to speak to someone from our team and set the next possible appointment with an audio expert!