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A Lighted PoolLand Light Pros delivers the best and latest in light and sound installation at great prices you can trust from a professional landscape / outdoor lighting company. We are a preferred light and audio provider in Shackle Island, TN, working with homeowners and commercial property owners on custom designs and installations. Transform your home or business with incredible lights that you can access from anywhere to change colors, brightness, and other features. Our team of professional lighting and sound technicians will get to you quickly and create a sound or lighting plan that works for you and will last for years. Hear why we’re the highest-rated local installer and learn more about how we can elevate your property starting today. 

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Custom Landscape / Outdoor Lighting Company

Make your property shine with the best lighting plan that draws attention to landscaping features, pool areas, patios, or driveways.  We help homeowners find the right light layout that saves money long-term and accentuates the appearance of your property. Premium lights with bright bulbs and energy-efficient fixtures are a terrific way to improve exterior security and make your home feel bigger than it is. You’ll spend more hours having fun outdoors and will be able to show off all of your hard work in the yard or your new renovations with down lighting and other custom exterior light designs.

For businesses in Shackle Island, TN, Land Light Pros provides the range of lighting solutions that will keep utility costs down and increases durability so you can keep focused on running your company. We tailor light installation services to your commercial property to reduce any security risks, highlight signs, and let you keep working for longer.  Land Light Pros also offers event lighting packages to make your event one of the most impactful experiences ever for guests, employees, customers, and other audiences. 

Talk to us now at (615) 420-5403 about our lighting and audio packages that we offer in the area and how we will make a custom plan for you!

  • Landscape Lighting Learn how we can elevate your outdoor space. Highlight all of the work you’ve done with your landscaping.
  • Patio/Deck Lighting Make your patio or deck the place everyone wants to be. Custom lighting will have you spending more hours on the deck.
  • Home Exterior Lighting Focus lights on your home to draw more attention to your house. Illuminate doorways and windows.
  • Outdoor LED Lighting LED lights are the perfect upgrade for every home. Learn more about our custom offerings.
  • Down Lighting Focus lights on your pool, statues, water features, and other important structures. We can manage all of your lighting needs.
  • Security Lighting Stay safe with bright walkways and entrances. Discover how modern security lights can reduce risk.
  • Poolside Lighting Have more fun at your pool in the evenings. Change the colors and keep the party going.
  • Event Lighting We manage event lighting for families and businesses in the area. Talk to us about how we can help with your event.
  • Commercial Outdoor Lighting Elevate your business with quality lighting. Discover how we can save you money.
  • Outdoor Color Automation Celebrate holidays with colored lights and change the color scheme based on the time of day. It’s so much fun!
  • Outdoor Audio/Sound Installation Get crisp, premium sound with outdoor systems that will change how you feel about music. Speak to our team today.